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Bazoom sites are interest-based communities with:

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  • FORUM Questions and debate
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C3 Stingray T-Top Coupe
C3 Stingray T-Top CoupeC3 Stingray T-Top CoupeC3 Stingray T-Top Coupe
Todd BC3 Stingray T-Top Coupe
3 months ago100 views
C2 Convertible
C2 ConvertibleC2 ConvertibleC2 Convertible
Larry PC2 Convertible
1 year ago533 views
C3 .
C3 .C3 .C3 .
RHC3 .
1 year ago680 views
C6 Z51 Coupe
C6 Z51 CoupeC6 Z51 CoupeC6 Z51 Coupe
Jeffrey KC6 Z51 Coupe
1 year ago1102 views


C3 T- top coupe
C3 T- top coupeC3 T- top coupeC3 T- top coupe
Todd BC3 T- top coupe
3 months ago132 views
C4 coupe
C4 coupeC4 coupeC4 coupe
Damon KC4 coupe
1 year ago575 views
C3 Base
C3 BaseC3 BaseC3 Base
Chris PC3 Base
2 years ago980 views


4th july   Terry N4th july
2 months ago75 views
ME vs2005 CTSV   MatME vs2005 CTSV
2 years ago1,097 views
1975 Stingray   Marty R1975 Stingray
2 years ago1,251 views
New OBX headers with no mufflers   MatNew OBX headers with no mufflers
2 years ago1,323 views

Bazoom provides a new and exciting way to connect with others who share your interest.

It’s free, fast and fun.

Unlike the old-style forums, you don’t need any technical skills. Bazoom does all the work needed to set up each new community once your interest gets 1000 votes. Our community-based platforms are packed with loads of features so that you can upload photos or videos, post classified ads, make comments and ask questions.

Once your Bazoom community is active, all you need to do is start uploading, posting and sharing.

Who is Bazoom

Our mission is to create interactive online meeting places where people with a common interest can share their views, photos and videos. We do the technical side leaving you free to enjoy the fun part....

No interest is too small, no passion too great.

Bazoom is a fast growing company placed in Denmark, where we have been building communities since 2002

Why bazoom is different

  • We make it easy: we take care of everything including site set-up, hosting, support and development.
  • Our communities are all free
  • We create custom communities to reflect your interests
  • Community platform packed with features like video, photos, classifieds market, forum and much more