How to learn the best magic card trick!

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Have you also always admired a magician that could do a magic trick with cards. Just standing there and you don’t have a clue about what is going on and wishing that you could do the exact same thing? Now you have the chance to see how they are doing it and to check if you can do it just as good as them.

How come card trick is nice?

Card tricks are nice because they are so simple but so advanced at the same time. You can try to look so carefully but the magician can trick your mind just right in front of you, without you knowing it. You can try to look and really have your whole concentration on that one thing, but they can trick you without blinking with their eyes.

They can make you believe that you are the smart one, by intentionally taking the wrong card so they can see they joy on your face of them doing it wrong and just right after telling you, that they know it´s not the correct card and boom there the card was. Once again you got tricked and you can´t explain why. That is just fascinating.

Start with the easy and then go to the difficult once!

There is a lot of different kinds of card tricks and its depending on how good a magician you are if you want to try it out, but it´s maybe a good idea to start with the easiest once if you are a complete beginner. Just remember that you can always try slowly and after try the hard once out. And you don’t have to have special kind of cards to impress your family or friends, so just try it out with the once you already have back home! If you want to learn more about card tricks and why they are awesome, then go and chek this website out

Cards for the card tricks

As said before, you don’t need special cards, if the purpose is to impress people you know really well… but, if you want to take the card tricks to another level, then you might want to look for some good cards for these kinds of tricks.

There are different kinds of brands that is making some special cards that you can use for the card tricks. One of the brands is named “Bicycle”. Bicycle makes some nice cards that is useful for practicing but also performance, so Bicycle cards is maybe a good idea to start with if you want to try some special cards for the magic tricks without being too expensive.

The brand Tally Ho is another brand that’s also making special cards for magicians. These cards are a bit more expensive that the once from Bicycle, but the durability for the cards last longer than the other once. So, you have to make a decision, whether you want to start slowly, or you want to go all in and buy the more expensive once. You can learn much more at if you have been inspired.